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The Journey So Far...

My journey in the world of voiceovers started with a love for storytelling and a curiosity about the boundless potential of the human voice. Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of lending my voice to an array of projects that span industries and genres. I’ve been raging beasts and sassy princesses, the best friend, sister or mother to the audiences of all sorts of brands, and an expert eLearning guide on subjects that previously I’d known next to nothing about. It’s an absolute joy to inhabit so many roles in so many worlds, from the fantastical to the professional to the everyday.

A Voice that Connects

The beauty of being a voiceover artist is the challenge of forging connections through the medium of sound. Whether I’m giving a relatable voice to a brand’s message in a commercial voiceover or narrating an audiobook that sweeps listeners off into another world, I take great pride in crafting an authentic and meaningful connection between the words you’ve written and the people who hear them.

Dedication to Excellence

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Discussing myself has never been my strong suit; I’d rather delve into your project and talk about that!

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